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I've been VERY busy with volunteer work and paid work and feeling stressed and cranky, but most of it is behind me now.

Had a fun day today. Volunteers (including a professional!) were taping a little quirky video about the library, which we hope to post on youtube and have go viral to help us raise funds. Once it is up, I assure you I will share it here.

Meanwhile, I also had the idea (since we need to raise a million dollars to get the state matching grant) to have the video background music be a parody of Barenaked Ladies' "If I Had A Million Dollars." We do have some professional musicians who are library supporters who would probably jump at the chance. It probably won't end up as the background for the video footage shot today, but as the library director said, "There's always the next one."

What's funny is that the library director had never heard of this song. For those of you who have but need a refresher course, here's a link to the audio of a live recording:

And here are my words (fortunately, the music is flexible enough that you can add an extra syllable or two, such as "library" said really fast for "house"). FYI, there is no plumbing (we do have a composting toilet), no reading table, no comfy chair (not one!), no coat rack, NO STORAGE SPACE OR CLOSET AT ALL. There is no place in town (outside of your own home) to sit down with someone and have a cup of coffee. No coffee shop or community center. None. Half the town is still on dialup Internet. Library opponents say "We can just use the library in Amherst." That's ten miles away for me, and still more miles for others. There is no "kids' room" here -- 900 feet of very crowded space in one room. I took some still photos, may post later.

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Oops, forgot to post this to DW first.


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