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 I learned something new at yesterday's Sunday service.  Alison, our minister, talked to the children (and adults) about a movement that's been going on for a few years (she just learned of herself). She passed out cards and little bars of Fair Trade organic chocolate for the children to give to homeowners when they go trick-or-treating. It's an educational campaign to raise awareness of the fact that many farms that supply cocoa to major chocolate manufacturers use forced child labor. The cards encourage the people who'll give out candy to children Oct. 31 to buy Fair Trade Certified chocolate and cocoa products next Halloween (and year-round).

The web site is www.

The kits (cards and mini candy bars to distribute) have been sold out, but you can find the miniature bars AND (*pings[ profile] rowangolightly*) links to areas on that have other types of chocolate products.

(One of the kids who sampled the candy bar Alison had given her said she didn't like it. Well, of course not -- it was the more bitter dark chocolate, more to the liking of an adult They do have milk chocolate, gift boxes with assorted chocolates, etc.) The web site also has many other Fair Trade products.

We rarely get trick-or-treaters at our door here -- most kids are driven by their parents to the center of town, where the houses are in reasonable walking distance of each other -- but I thought it was a great idea.

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Alison included a poem in the last UU newsletter that I knew I'd have to share with you here. It's by Marge Piercy:

On New Year's Day

Bless this house under the pitch pines

where the cardinal flashes and the kestrels hover

crying, where I live and work with my lover

Woody and my cats, where the birds gather

in winter to be fed and the squirrel dines

from the squirrel-proof feeder. Keep our water

bubbling up clear. Protect us from the fire's

long teeth and the lashing of the hurricanes

and the government. Please, no foreign wars.

Keep this house from termites and the bane

of quarreling past what can be sweetly healed.

Keep our cats from hunters and savage dogs.

Watch with care over Woody splitting logs

and mostly keep us from our sharpening fear

as we skate over the ice of the new year.

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My first Christmas present this year was a gag gift from my husband. Link here: Read more... )
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(Photo taken a few minutes ago before anyone else was was up. ;-P )


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