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Yes, I will post about Japan and the promised woo woo, but I realize I really need to finish up the Ireland journal from last summer. (My last entry was in March!) A friend is going over to the same area in a few weeks and was asking for suggestions, and I realized I am starting to forget some of the details. (For example, I *did* find out what the name of a B&B, Gort Na Cloc, meant, but it is no longer in my brain cells.) So I'm going to go back to the Emerald Isle and briefly (all the more briefly because some stuff has slipped away, so consider yourself blessed!), write up the rest of what happened there. When I left off, we were on our last day of the horseback trek, so those of you who aren't horsey will be glad to know that the rest will be more of us touring around on our own, with some humorous misadventures.
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(taken by spouse)

The icon, by the way, is a warning sign there to tell people to keep away from the edge...

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After all this, went to a meeting with the guy who inherited the hastily put together, and not well done, church web site made by an amateur volunteer in 1997. K, a recently retired OIT specialist from the university, does know what he is doing. The interim director of religoius education recently made her own web site for her quilting business, and asked for this meeting. I came along as president, newsletter editor, and the various myriad other hats I wear. I got there a bit late, and they'd already come up with some wonderful ideas. I chimed in here and there. I think we're going to have a much better website, in terms of content/usefulness as well as appearance. Cool!

Came home to find lots of emails from clients. I am suddenly being bombarded with work. Good  in many ways, bad in others. I need a little more free time in the next couple of weeks, and won't have it.

Su and I went out to dinner for our mutual celebration of birthdays. She, too, had gone to Ireland last summer with her son (18 months older than Samurai). I showed her my photos (on laptop), and she showed me hers -- because the restaurant had wifi and she could get onto the album at the site of the company where she'd sent her film to be developed and turned into digital images! We are both horse lovers, and enjoyed recalling our horses and equestrian adventures in Ireland.

The Mexican restaurant did not have chili rellenos (guess I'll just have to make some), but I did have a nice spinach-filled enchilada, plus side dishes of rice and beans.. We exchanged gifts, and I ended up with (appropriately) Great Irish Tales of Fantasy (by Joyce, Yeats, Lord Dunsany, others)  that she'd picked up over there.

Su has a new hobby... not ghosthunting (she doesn't call it that, since she believes it is intrusive, and I have to agree), but -- can't remember what she calls it -- ghostwatching or maybe ghostlistening. She had some interesting stories to share. What was nice is that there was one instance where something didn't make sense to her, and I suggested an explanation that clicked.

I'm going to  be very busy the next few days; may not be on much. (Sure, right! you snort knowingly.)
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            We were greeted at the door of our Corofin B&B ( ) by Paula, a warm and welcoming woman who showed us our rooms, and apologized for having to leave us to run an errand.

            In our room, I gratefully pulled off my still-sloshing riding shoes (from the crossing of Lough Graney) and changed into dry clothing. As I poked my head out the door, I heard a man greeting new arrivals. ā€œIā€™m Patrick,ā€ he said.

I went toward him down the hall. ā€œI have a Patrick, too!

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Our choir sang a new anthem today. The words and music were by Carolyn McDade, a UU composer. The lyrics are so very Celtic (as is, of course, the name McDade!).

Lyrics under the cut, and a photo I took in Ireland that seems to fit...

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LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP CLICK, dear Irish innkeeper and American account executive!

It has been a frustrating day in email land. Alison had recommended a really nice-sounding hotel in County Cork that she had stayed at. I drooled over the web site, determined that yes, they had rooms available for the one or two nights I was interested in, but when I I tried to learn more -- such as what the rates were! -- what were supposedly links
to "room type, description, persons per room, total rate, book" did not work.

So, I sent them an email, asking if the rooms were indeed available and what they cost. That was Tuesday.

I just got an email back, saying that yes, the rooms were available (which I already knew) . . .

But there was no mention of price.

Arrgghh! I hope she doesn't take as long responding to my email asking for this information again. Places are filling up quickly over there, and if I can afford this place, I want to book it!

Meanwhle, backing up a bit ... this morning, I got an email from a client who wants me to write a cover letter for a nonprofit's newsletter. She wrote:

"Please find attached the first article of the newsletter . . ."

You've guessed it --  no attachment.

I immediately wrote back to tell her this (as I said, I've forgotten to attach files myself, although I seem to be better about this than many folks I work with). I've been checking my email all day (while working on something else).

Six hours later, she sent it, with the comment, "Oops! Sorry." That's also when I found the email from Ireland, sans price information.

Full Disclosure: I hereby confess that I am not good about this sort of thing when making LJ comments! Some of them seem to launch themselves into cyberspace before I've finished writing them.



May. 19th, 2007 07:31 pm
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It is unseasonably cold today, and raining. Feels like March. It's going to be slightly warmer, but still rainy, tomorrow.

I went to the "rain or shine" plant swap down the road this morning, and was the only person to show up. The hostess, M., someone I kind of know because we've both been volunteers in the government of our small town, was hosting it. I'd never been to her home, and she invited me inside, in case other people were just taking their time getting there (why should we hang out in her cold, damp garage?). Her home is huge and gorgeous, and surrounded by gardens of different types.
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The spouse and Samurai and I went out to lunch kind of late (Samurai got up around 1:15 or so), and began firming up our Ireland plans just a tad.  Read more... )
I paid a lot of bills today and winced. I was going to hire the two guys who pressure-washed our house and porches last year to come back and do the deck, which was so mildewed at one point that it was slippery. But they are probably out straight right now, and with the root canal copays ($825 or more) coming up starting Tuesday, to be shortly followed by the remainder of the fee for the Ireland vacation (not counting the airfare), I'm not sure I want the expense.

But ...I stopped by a hardware store this afternoon to see what a pressure washer cost to rent, and realized that the electric ones are much cheaper than I'd expected. I moved on to price some at Target and just did some research in Consumer Reports. I think I'll take the plunge and pick one up tomorrow, if there are any left. There were two left at Target for $119. A more expensive and powerful one that is on sale for $129 (from $169) is out of stock, but supposedly (from the Target on-line info) is in stock at another Target about 50 minutes from here. Not sure the difference is worth the drive.

Monday I don't have any paid work to do, and it's supposed to be better weather, so I could pressure-wash the deck then, and later put sealer on it (it never had sealer! O.o). The porches had never been sealed, either, and the pressure washing and sealing the fix-it guys did last fall made a very impressive difference.
Samurai showed me a video this afternoon that she and another girl made as an assignment for her Audio/Video Tech class.  It was very well done!


Feb. 2nd, 2007 06:59 pm
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I gave myself the day off today, even though that means I'll need to work some this weekend. Physically I wasn't feeling all that great, and shopping for things needful and unneedful was a nice, mindless alternative.

I picked up the diploma my great-grandfather received in 1880 from medical school. It had been rolled up for who knows how long (before I inherited it, certainly). Michael's had a 50% off coupon for framing a few weeks ago, and I took it in then. They did a nice job. Preservation glass and finish, 3/16 acid free fitting, etc. The framer apologized for the fact that the sheepskin (? I think it may be sheepskin, not paper) was not quite square within the frame, but I reminded him that I'd told him it wasn't square to start with!

Then I went to Barnes & Noble (in the same mall) and picked up Let's Go: Ireland on a Budget and Fodor's Ireland 2007. I used the Let's Go book for the United Kingdom when I went over in 1986, and it was wonderful. But the Fodor's will have more current information. (Our trip is getting real, folks -- I sent in the deposit today, too!)

Then off to Staples, for file folders. I'd run out, which made clearing out my piles of stuff in my office and putting them into my file cabinet kind of difficult impossible.

Now it is snowing (not much accumulation expected), and spouse has a fire going in the wood stove. I'm going to make tostadas tonight, using the bits of turkey that were frozen after Thanksgiving.

Last night I went to a Stained Glass Windows committee meeting. I'd been in touch with a fellow I met at the UU Northeast Leadership School in 2003 -- he's a minister in Watertown who taught the UU History/Theology segment. He is a delight. He's been helping me try to ID the people that  the Tiffany and La Farge windows are dedicated to, and I thought he might be a great speaker for our public lecture series. Just emailed him with some dates, to see if he is available for one of them (he'd said he might be interested). So we are making some progress.

And finally, I got flamed by a stranger (to me) for a comment I made in someone else's journal. That hasn't happened to me before, and it was startling. I realized afterward that the person was probably assuming that I was a generation younger than I am. It is a fact of life for people my age that their grandparents are most likely dead, unless they are the odd 114-year-old, and that parents may well be. When I mentioned that my biological family was dead, I was accused of seeking pity and "OMFG BBQ!" All I was saying was, to assert that a person's inlaws are not "really" your family is silly.

Ah, well. The flamer was born the year I graduated from high school. He is seeing life from a very different vantage. If he thought I was a contemporary, I can see how he may have thought I was looking for a pity party.

Nope. Just stating the facts, sir.

Then again, having blabbed all that, maybe I was taking a tongue-in-cheek comment too seriously. The whole post was about an overheard cell phone conversation in which an obnoxious bus rider was saying that her roommate was just trying to get people to feel sorry for her because her fiance's grandmother had died, and clearly, that didn't make the grandmother family.

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I often go off to UU (church) board meetings on Tuesday night, leaving my husband and kid at home. Tonight, they  have meetings at 7 p.m. -- she has Committee on Ministry (as youth representative), he has town Finance Committee. I've  two different frozen pizzas ready to cook before they take off. I'll make a salad, too. (She only likes cheese pizzas, or cheese and hamburger).

If they turn out, I'll send my kid (and maybe my spouse) to their meetings with chocolate-oatmeal-peanut-butter-balls. For some reason, I've been remembering this recipe that I made as a child with great fondness lately. I couldn't find it in any cookbooks, so of course, turned to Google. Think I found it. The uncooked balls (yeah, I know, that sounds bad!) are stickier than I remember, but maybe if they cool some more (they aren't cooked per se, but the stuff the oatmeal is stirred into is hot), they'll resemble what I remember.

Samurai took an extra shift of work today (she normally does not work on Tuesdays) because the car wash is short-staffed. I noticed her asthma inhaler on the kitchen counter and took it down to her when I went into town. Since her asthma is aggravated by cold, I thought she'd need it.

It's odd. I have really been wanting a break from work. I have this big new file cabinet that  I can use to clean up the "piles of files" in my office. I'm eager to reduce the clutter in my life.... or so I say. But I've had a little breather in my work schedule, and what do I do? Make chocolate-oatmeal-peanut-butter balls.

EDIT at 6:15: Kid has decided to stay in town and go to the meering from there. The aforementioned "balls" aren't quite what I remember. And I can't send them to the meeting in any case.

But, I just got off the phone with the charming customer service person with Cross Country International, the same one I'd spoken to before. She got our reservations. She suggests we rent a car at Shannon Airport, since I was worried about my husband finding rental cars in the hinterland. We could offset the cost because we won't have to pay the part of the package fee that covers transportation from Shannon to the An Sibin Riding Centre two hours' away.

Hmm. That also means that we could fly in early, maybe visit Cork (where my husband"s family is from) and Galway City, in which I want to wander...

She also told me the package does not offer triple rooms, only doubles and sngles. So for just $185 more, I got my kid a single room. She will be thrilled (she says I snore). There are other bonuses to having my husband and me alone in a double room, too,which I will leave to your imaginations.


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