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Just received via email (the first one held was last June, a one-day event, and I missed it!). This is pretty close by.

Mutton and Mead Medieval Festival seeks Actors, Singers, Musicians and other performers for AUDITIONS from January 21, 22, & 23.
Mutton & Mead is a Robin Hood-themed theatrical event and festival held in Montague, MA, at the Millers Falls R&G Club on June 23rd &
24th, 2012. We will create a medieval shire (Nottingham) & Tavern (The Mutton & Mead Inne), populate it with characters (our Shire
Cast), and then tell the exciting tale of Robin Hood through stage and street performances over the course of a day filled with great
shopping, great food and great fun! There will be an Armored Joust, a variety of Stage & Street Shows, Historical & Artisan Demonstrations
as well as games and activities for all ages.

Mutton and Mead is in search of actors, singers, musicians and dancers both novice and professional to help us bring the streets of our
humble but entertaining village alive! Interested in auditioning for our Shire Cast or performing at Mutton & Mead? Visit for details.

Not looking for a major role, or maybe you're just interested in singing with us? We are also seeking "extras." These performers play
a less involved role as the day unfolds, but an important role nonetheless. Regardless of the size of your part, we provide training
to give you the skills to rock the shire on festival day.

Not a performer, but interested in helping our village come alive? Mutton and Mead is also seeking Theater, Stage and Set Crews as well
as other Volunteers. You will be joining a lively community of imaginative people, committed to creating a unique event.

Have questions about any of the above, or ready to sign up? Please visit our website at

Directions: Scheduled Auditions will be held at the Montague Grange hall, 36 Main Street in Montague Center (on the town common), between Saturday, January 21st through Monday, January 23rd.

Mutton and Mead aims to transport patrons to another time and place where they are given a unique interactive experience, and to provide a
venue for members of the local and extended community to support and showcase their talents.


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