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I am sort of in the opening still shot that shows up again (People of the Past) -- I'm at far right behind the fellow in the brown coat; you can just see my white mop cap and honorary white 250th sash over my dark outfit.

We are baffled by the phrase "huge historic impact" in describing our tiny town -- we have none that we're aware of! The shot looking down the hill at the size of the procession is pretty impressive, though.
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And if that sounds all warm and cozy and lovely, well . . . I'm not the kitchen goddess type. At all. But I am the "I said I'll do something, so I'll do it" type. (Yes, I'm a stubborn Celt.)


Two dozen very large mini M&M cookies (yes, I cheated and used one of my cookie-mix-in-jar leftover jars).

Three mini lemon-poppyseed loaves and six lemon-poppyseed muffins

Two apple-walnut mini loaves and one dozen apple-walnut muffins

Two dozen chocolate muffins

This took some time because loaves and muffins made out of the same mix require two different temperatures and timings. But I pulled it off.

Sat down just long enough to go to the co-op because (duh!) I didn't have quite enough flour.

Then sat down to print out signs of various sorts for the room at Town Hall tomorrow where we'll be trying to get people to take these things home and give donations.

Take home lesson for me: Be less ambitious in your baking!


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