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On Wednesday I wrote at the end of a post, Something's also telling me to go to the hospice shop today, although I don't have anything I'm looking for. (Hmm, maybe that's where I'll find a wine rack!)

Well . . . I was delayed leaving home and got to the shop only a few minutes before it was to close. I headed into the back room where the housewares are, and there was no wine rack. But on my way out, I paused by the skirt rack, still looking for a black skirt with belt loops. There wasn't one -- but there was a dark gray one that I for a moment thought was black, and a blue denim one that I thought I'd come back for. It had been priced at $6, but was half off. I left the store, and in fact found a cheap wine rack 30% off at Target.

Today, I felt the "call" again. In the front of the store was a new rack of clothes all marked down to 50 cents. The blue denim skirt had been moved to it! And it fit! I also tried on the gray skirt, and it fit, too. Plus I got a sweet little etched-glass bud vase for $1.00 (I don't have any nice ones), a divided, microwave-safe dish that will be perfect for reheating separate portions of takeout for two from, say, Mom's House (Samurai will know what this is), and a black belt with attractive silver details on the buckle and end of the belt -- new, apparently, for there were two of them, identical, on the rack -- for $2.

Total haul: $15.35.

So I will merrily conclude that the "call" on Wednesday was just to make me go in there long enough to see things, but NOT to buy them then -- but wait until they were cheaper! (And the bud vase and divided dish were definitely not in the housewares section on Wednesday, where I found them today.)


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