Dec. 8th, 2011 11:06 am
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Today is my father's birthday. A few moments ago, I found his obituary from The Oregonian. (An old clipping randomly mixed in with other clippings of my mother's, not one on line.)

Thank you, Dad.
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I knew it couldn't just be the trivial stuff going on in my life.

It's Haiti.

If you're a member of [ profile] nonwiccanwitch , consider going over there. One lovely fellow there is trying to start something.
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I just stumbled across the entry from almost three years ago that I mentioned the other day, when I posted how I was on a new town committee. (I knew I'd taken a meme at some point in the past that had said that my aura colors showed I was a "volunteer," which I am. Perhaps too much so for my own good! A point that is made, in fact, in the results of the meme.)

I'm posting the link not so much to make you read it all again (or for the first time), but to see the meme in case you want to try it yourself. Of the various memes on auras, this has been the most accurate by far, even to the not-so-flattering bits (such as *cough* a tendency to be pedantic).

It was in my memories list, I hadn't started using tags yet.

I was actually going through my memories list to find a recipe by Rowangolightly to print out for tonight, if I have the ingredients!
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Maybe this was it. I dunno, especially since it seemed to dissipate before this happened.

Samurai just called (yes, she's learned her lesson from last time!) to say she was safe and back in her dorm. Oh the bus from Amherst to Springfield, she was sitting next to someone who could not stop coughing. On the bus from Springfield to Boston, she was sitting next to a different person who could not stop coughing.

And in the seat behind her (one seat in front of the restroom) was a very drunk passenger. This gentleman (ahem) got up to go into the bathroom, and "started puking." (She could hear him.) And then he lit a cigarette in there, she believes to cover the smell.

When she got off the bus at South Station in Boston, she realized he was following her. So she went into the ladies room and waited for ten minutes, hoping he'd leave. He did, apparently, and now she is safe in her dorm and heading down to get some supper.

Maybe that was my sense of foreboding that I *should* have driven her, or that something might happen if I didn't? That's not how I interpreted it at the time, but I wasn't getting a message that pointed to anything in particular. I almost cast runes. Maybe I should have.

In any case, nothing happened.

Husband is out tonight at a music night (meaning, with the band guys). I have brownies in the oven for a church event tomorrow evening, and will be making cupcakes later for same event. I was thinking of trying to get back to the Japan trip posting, but probably will just chill out with a book and simple dinner.

Thanks for your good wishes/vibes/protections earlier, folks. If you can spare some energy for Samurai not getting sick from all the coughing bus people (midterms are about to happen, some already have), that would be appreciated by her, I'm sure!
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On Wednesday I wrote at the end of a post, Something's also telling me to go to the hospice shop today, although I don't have anything I'm looking for. (Hmm, maybe that's where I'll find a wine rack!)

Well . . . I was delayed leaving home and got to the shop only a few minutes before it was to close. I headed into the back room where the housewares are, and there was no wine rack. But on my way out, I paused by the skirt rack, still looking for a black skirt with belt loops. There wasn't one -- but there was a dark gray one that I for a moment thought was black, and a blue denim one that I thought I'd come back for. It had been priced at $6, but was half off. I left the store, and in fact found a cheap wine rack 30% off at Target.

Today, I felt the "call" again. In the front of the store was a new rack of clothes all marked down to 50 cents. The blue denim skirt had been moved to it! And it fit! I also tried on the gray skirt, and it fit, too. Plus I got a sweet little etched-glass bud vase for $1.00 (I don't have any nice ones), a divided, microwave-safe dish that will be perfect for reheating separate portions of takeout for two from, say, Mom's House (Samurai will know what this is), and a black belt with attractive silver details on the buckle and end of the belt -- new, apparently, for there were two of them, identical, on the rack -- for $2.

Total haul: $15.35.

So I will merrily conclude that the "call" on Wednesday was just to make me go in there long enough to see things, but NOT to buy them then -- but wait until they were cheaper! (And the bud vase and divided dish were definitely not in the housewares section on Wednesday, where I found them today.)
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More on today later (probably tomorrow, at this rate). Making dinner now.... (And Samurai, notice the shop sign almost in the middle of the top of the photo! :D I saw Herself today....)

We had about 700 people, organizer estimates. )
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ANOTHER "severe thunderstorm alert" was activated late this afternoon. We knew only because Samurai called us from her job to say that HQ had told her to close down the carwash because hurricane-force winds were headed our way (just like on Friday the 18th). I went out and warned Spouse, who was still cutting up the downed trees from the 18th with his chainsaw (I think he's now on his third or fourth chain).

So yes, the storm rolls in, amazing winds whipping the trees in the back yard around. Heavy rain, too.

Then all calms down... and the phone rings. I go for it, thinking it is Samurai again, but see from caller ID that it is my MIL.

She asks if my Spouse is there.

As I walk the phone over to him (for he was finally sitting down to eat lunch at 4 p.m.), I say, "I wonder if a tree has come down in her yard and she needs you to cut it up?"

Pretty darn close. A tree had come down in her yard, and she was calling to ask if my SIL S could come over to Spouse's office tomorrow and pick up the chain saw to cut it up.

Spouse said, "No way! I'm coming down now." (SIL S has, I imagine, never used a chain saw. And this one is heavy.)

So I got it 75% right, I'd say!

(And yes, Samurai is safely home. Although there were trees down across some roads on her commute.)
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This isn't the best photo, but I like the way the snow looked so fluffy on the sunlit trees this morning. The broken branches are from the Feb. 19 snowstorm. I have always thought of this maple as "the grandmother" of the trees here -- not in a biological sense, although some of her seeds must have become nearby trees, but because of the sense of dignity, comfort and wisdom she seems to exude. I don't know how much longer she's going to be with us, though.

Here )

During this Tuesday's storm, the town plow knocked our rural mailbox off its post. I just came back inside after reattaching it with a bungee cord. It's not very secure (there is thick ice on top of the post, so I can't nail it back into place at the moment), but it should hold well enough to not fall off when the mail carrier opens its door.
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Doctor's appointment went OK. Read more... )
After all this, went to a meeting with the guy who inherited the hastily put together, and not well done, church web site made by an amateur volunteer in 1997. K, a recently retired OIT specialist from the university, does know what he is doing. The interim director of religoius education recently made her own web site for her quilting business, and asked for this meeting. I came along as president, newsletter editor, and the various myriad other hats I wear. I got there a bit late, and they'd already come up with some wonderful ideas. I chimed in here and there. I think we're going to have a much better website, in terms of content/usefulness as well as appearance. Cool!

Came home to find lots of emails from clients. I am suddenly being bombarded with work. Good  in many ways, bad in others. I need a little more free time in the next couple of weeks, and won't have it.

Su and I went out to dinner for our mutual celebration of birthdays. She, too, had gone to Ireland last summer with her son (18 months older than Samurai). I showed her my photos (on laptop), and she showed me hers -- because the restaurant had wifi and she could get onto the album at the site of the company where she'd sent her film to be developed and turned into digital images! We are both horse lovers, and enjoyed recalling our horses and equestrian adventures in Ireland.

The Mexican restaurant did not have chili rellenos (guess I'll just have to make some), but I did have a nice spinach-filled enchilada, plus side dishes of rice and beans.. We exchanged gifts, and I ended up with (appropriately) Great Irish Tales of Fantasy (by Joyce, Yeats, Lord Dunsany, others)  that she'd picked up over there.

Su has a new hobby... not ghosthunting (she doesn't call it that, since she believes it is intrusive, and I have to agree), but -- can't remember what she calls it -- ghostwatching or maybe ghostlistening. She had some interesting stories to share. What was nice is that there was one instance where something didn't make sense to her, and I suggested an explanation that clicked.

I'm going to  be very busy the next few days; may not be on much. (Sure, right! you snort knowingly.)
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First, you should know that I inherited my woo-woo stuff from my grandmother. And I inherited my "I-love-the-hunt-for-a-bargain" gene from my mother.

The day got off to a rather odd start. I was supposed to be at a rehearsal at church at 10 a.m., so I set my alarm to go off at 8:30. When I woke up on my own, the clock said 8:20, and I thought, "Wow, it sure is dark this morning!" When I rolled out of bed and went downstairs, I realized that all the other clocks said it was 7:20! I had moved my clock's time ahead by an hour last night by mistake. Oh, well. I was up, might as well stay up. I took the time to look for tag sale ads. There hadn't been many in yesterday's paper, but there was a new one listed on Poet's Corner, a subdivision.

It was raining, so I figured any tag sales planned for today would be off. The rehearsal was shorter than expected, so I decided to go over to a new resale shop that opened last month. It takes donations of items and resells them to benefit a hospice facility that just opened here. Last weekend, the children at church had held a tag sale to benefit a family shelter in town. I'd offered to take the items that hadn't sold to the hospice shop. I hadn't been in it before.

And now...  The sun had come out as I'd returned to town, and I decided to see if I could find a chair at  the Poet's Corner tag sale. As I mentioned yesterday, I wanted one to put in the kitchen to replace a glider that I'd found years ago with a "free" sign on the side of the road. It had finally collapsed the other day. We'd use it for sitting and reading the morning news, lazily using the arm rests to prop up our elbows while holding the paper.

The Poet's Corner families had retreated into their garages during the rain. Now they were cautiously putting items back out onto their driveways and lawns. No chairs that interested me. But .... my grandmother had some Revereware cookware that I brought back here after she died in 1983. One pot has a slightly dented lid, so I can't use it for rice or similar things. The other pots and frying pan are fine. But  sometimes I've wished I had other saucepans of different dimensions. I wandered around a bit and found...

These were $1 each! I decided what the heck, I'd get all five. Almost more than I need, frankly, but what I don't use, Samurai can take with her to college. And now I have a medium-sized pot with a lid that fits tightly.

Now, while you're still in this cut, take a look at the chairs around the kitchen table. I was looking for a chair that would not clash with them, but that would have arms. I had already looked at Salvation Army, Target, and on line, and not seen anything close. The styles in fashion today are either too modern, or too fussy to go with the other things here.

So, I decided I would next go to a used furniture store in the musty basement of an old building. I bought lots of things there in my impoverished reporter days. I walked in, picking my way through its crowded series of dark rooms. There was one chair that was so-so, but the wood stain was a little too dark. I went into another room, and suddenly had the urge to look up. The store is so packed, the old man who has run it for decades sometimes hangs the lighter chairs from the ceiling. I found myself looking into the shadows at the bottom of a chair that looked... the right color. And the right shape. At least, from what little I could see.

I asked him to retrieve it from the hook.


I like to think my mother and grandmother went shopping with me today.
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On May 19, 2002, I went out in the evening to feed the horses. At the time, we had a dog, and to keep him from dragging halters and bridles and lead ropes, etc., out of the barn to chew on, I'd put up a wide baby gate between the part of the barn he was allowed in, and the tack and feed area. I had gotten used to simply stepping over it.

You can call me "Your Majesty" after that. But the royal coffers will be somewhat depleted by my dental insurance co pays. Ah well, I'm lucky, I guess. Some plans don't cover these things at all.

Feeling rather grumpified by all this, I decided to go to a nursery on my way home, and bought some lettuce plants, more pansies, and some perennial  herbs. It was in the high 70s today. If it starts to get cold again, I have a cold frame I can put over them. Still too early for tomatoes and other, more tender plants.

When I came home, two of the horses were sunbathing. I might post a picture later.

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At church we have a part of the service where people can come up and light a candle and briefly talk about something significant that has happened to them -- birth of a grandchild, new job, worries for someone who is sick, etc.

On Sunday, the husband of a couple came up to light a candle. He's probably in his sixties. I don't know him or his wife well at all, but they both give off a nice energy.

He said, "I'm here to say 'hello' to you from two people." (Folks will sometimes get up to say, "I got a card from So-and-so who was a member until she moved away, and she says... (etc.)." So everyone figured what was coming.

He continued, "One of them is physically with us, the other is not. Both want you to know they're fine."

To understand what follows, you need to know that F., who was memorialized Saturday, died of a massive heart attack about a month ago.

Well, this man explained that he and his wife were driving to the memorial service when his wife suddenly said, "I think F. is trying to send me a message. She's trying to warn me about something." They did a u-turn and went to the emergency department instead of to church. It turned out the wife was having an almost symptomless heart attack! She'd thought she just had indigestion. The ED folks treated her at once and had her admitted.

When the husband went over to see her later, she told him she had felt F.'s presence in the hospital room.

He went on, bless him, to briefly tell the congregation how the "classic" heart attack symptoms are all based on those of men, and that women's symptoms can be quite different.

So that was a somewhat different sort of "candle" for us -- and possibly a somewhat Paranormal PSA about Women and Cardiovascular Disease.
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We bought this house in the summer of 1985. The following spring (20 years ago, if that is significant)), my husband's parents showed up with two lilac plants that were offspring of ones in their yard, which in turn were offspring of ones in the home they had purchased after their marriage in 1947, and where my husband had spent most of his childhood. One was purple, one was white. 

There was just one problem with this lovely gesture: My husband is very allergic to lilac blossoms.

So, that was twenty years ago. The plants grew, despite my husband's repeated efforts to "accidentally" mow them over. Eventually, one of them did succumb to something. I couldn't have told you if it were the purple one or the white, though because neither of them had ever bloomed.

Jim, my father-in-law and a professor of agricultural economics, died very unexpectedly of a heart attack in March of 2003. There was a funeral mass, but because the ground was frozen, burial was delayed until May.

Every year at about this time, I would go out to touch the remaining lilac and see if it had flower buds. There never were any. But a few days before the burial, I noticed buds for the first time. I felt a jolt of joy and ran back into the house and insisted that my husband and daughter come out to look. "It's Jim!" I said. "He wants us to know he's all right!" While my husband didn't really react in my presence to this event, my daughter later told me he had been surprised and moved by it., and had referred to it several times since then.

There weren't a lot of flowers, but when they did open up, they were white. I took one and added it to the others that people placed on the coffin before it went into the ground.
In 2004 and 2005, the lilac was barren again.

This morning,  I noticed its highest branches are full of flower buds. When my husband came out of his shower, I annonced, "Guess what I discovered? The lilac's going to bloom again!"

"Oh, great," he said grumpily.

I felt a little hurt, but tried not to show it. "I prefer to think of it as a sign."

i could tell he was backpeddling from this gaff as fast as he could. "Well, I guess. But they'll still a headache."  (Later, lest you think him a complete clod, he asked at lunch where I wanted to go to dinner Monday night. "What's special about Monday night?" asked the samurai. "It's our wedding anniversary," he replied.)

I was curious about the meaning of lilacs, in terms of mystical properties., so I just did a quick Google search  One site mentioned they were often planted around New England houses for protection from evil spirtis. Another site  rather ominously said one should never give lilacs to sick people for some reason I can't recall. Another said simply,

Lilac: Exorcism, Protection 

Do you know of any other meanings? (Especially [profile] fastrr_pussycat? You seemed to have some good sources about lilies of the valley, etc. the other day.) For the longest time, I thought the reason it didn't bloom was because it wasn't getting enough light, but nothing in the environment has changed.


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