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Just posted on a community listserv:

"We've got a black bear hanging around in our back yard and it won't leave. Any suggestions--so I can get out to my car?"
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Here is the entire "periodical section" of my town's 900-square-foot library (the rack only has room for three issues of each periodical, which are displayed in alphabetical order. Issues older than three months must be discarded.).

Now look more closely . . .

Unless you are vegetarian . . . )
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By request, a volunteer put out 35 "Yes for New Library" lawn signs on Sunday. In less than a day, two have been vandalized, and one (his own) stolen.

Meanwhile, I spent this evening selecting and printing out about 35-40 photos of 250th anniversary events for a display at a school play tomorrow, under the heading, "The Spirit of Community."

I was asked to do this precisely to try to remind people of the sense of community all our events appeared to foster. But as someone said at a committee meeting last week, that sense of community was more fragile than we'd realized.


Nov. 8th, 2011 10:26 pm
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Library lost.

382 for the new library

423 against.

The state would have given us 60% of the cost towards construction with a yes vote.

People I know have wor4ed YEARS for this, and a handful of fear-mongering people who told lies got their way.


Jun. 6th, 2010 08:19 pm
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Just received a mass emailing to townsfolk from the Community Preservation Committee on an upcoming meeting. Be sure to read the entire bulleted list!

The upcoming CPC Public Hearing on June 17, 2010 at 7 PM will be of interest if you want:

- to help secure CPC funding to help accomplish important town goals;
- to learn when and how to apply for funds;
- to support Historic Preservation, Open Space (including recreation), and Community Housing; or
- to eat free brownies.
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It started snowing here Monday night, and continued nonstop through yesterday evening. It wasn't very heavy, though - only about 8" of new snow on the ground.

Today is our weekly "curbside" trash and recycling pickup day. I use the quotation marks because the adjective suggests we have "curbs" here, and we don't! (I don't think there's a single sidewalk anywhere in town.)

We are all used to the snowplows knocking down or, at the least, denting our roadside mail boxes.

This morning I put my office's blue "Staples" brand paper recycling container at the end of the driveway, next to the trash barrel and the larger blue recycling bin that contained newspapers and such.

The big bin had been knocked about 15 feet along the road into a snowbank off our front yard. And the smaller one, still at the head of the driveway, had a rip down one corner about 12" long! The plow's shovel must have hit it just right.


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