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By request, a volunteer put out 35 "Yes for New Library" lawn signs on Sunday. In less than a day, two have been vandalized, and one (his own) stolen.

Meanwhile, I spent this evening selecting and printing out about 35-40 photos of 250th anniversary events for a display at a school play tomorrow, under the heading, "The Spirit of Community."

I was asked to do this precisely to try to remind people of the sense of community all our events appeared to foster. But as someone said at a committee meeting last week, that sense of community was more fragile than we'd realized.


Jun. 6th, 2010 08:19 pm
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Just received a mass emailing to townsfolk from the Community Preservation Committee on an upcoming meeting. Be sure to read the entire bulleted list!

The upcoming CPC Public Hearing on June 17, 2010 at 7 PM will be of interest if you want:

- to help secure CPC funding to help accomplish important town goals;
- to learn when and how to apply for funds;
- to support Historic Preservation, Open Space (including recreation), and Community Housing; or
- to eat free brownies.
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I knew it couldn't just be the trivial stuff going on in my life.

It's Haiti.

If you're a member of [ profile] nonwiccanwitch , consider going over there. One lovely fellow there is trying to start something.


Aug. 29th, 2009 12:27 pm
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A local reporter reflects on Ted Kennedy.

I thought this was worth sharing. (I also like how he points out that Ted's famous accent was not "Bostonian.")

I have my own small, personal memory of Ted that I tried to share on Wednesday, but LJ ate it. I may attempt it again.
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Samurai sent us this link to a silly version of the inauguration (I don't know how to embed it, sorry) -- be sure to watch the whole thing!
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You Got 8/10 Questions Right

You are a probably a news junkie, Obama fan, or both.

You know a lot about Barack Obama - including his politics, history, and family.

It's likely you're a very knowledgeable person and quite well read.

You can't stand ignorant people, no matter what their political persuasion is.

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Yesterday I went to Amherst for the 25th annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast. This event, held at the middle school, was started by a local black woman to raise money for scholarships for African American graduating high school seniors. I think they said they've given money to 68 students over the years. I went for the first time last year with some other UUs, and was very impressed by the speeches made by local dignitaries and the scholarship winners themselves. I was also rather horrified to see that in the program, a lot of other churches and the Jewish Community Association had big ads (one source of financial support for the scholarships), but my UU had NEVER placed an ad, even though we've always had our folks attend. I told the board last year that we should place an ad this year. However, I wasn't at December's board meeting to raise this issue again. So last week I cobbed together a 1/4 page ad for our UU and paid for it myself (a business-card-sized ad was $40, but you could go up to a 1/4 page for only $20 more! Seemed worth it to me.) I might be partially reimbursed later, but if I'm not, it's no big deal. Betsy from our UU (who always attends) told me she and her husband might help pay for it too.

I'd say the audience was half POC and half white. The MC was white, and the panel of speakers was all POC. With the inauguration pending, there was of course a lot of talk about Obama and hope and change and commitment and promise -- that this is a man who will really listen to us, and we have to prepare ourselves to work hard WITH him, because he can't do it all himself. There was one woman who teaches women's studies who also spoke about how great it is to see a couple who respect each other and see each other as equals and a unit -- and that historically (because of slavery and other factors), this has not been the experience of most black families. It was very moving.

I arrived just before the breakfast itself at 9 a.m. (Doors opened at 8:30 a.m. for coffee and mingling.) Our friend Stan was the MC, and he apologized to the audience during the breakfast itself (the speeches and awards were afterward in the auditorium) for some "delays" that I hadn't known anything about. It turns out it was so cold, some pipes had burst. I don't know if this was in the kitchen or if it affected the heating system. Everything seemed fine by the time I got there. (Going through a hallway to the auditorium, though, there was a VERY VERY cold spot. There was even ice on the floor!)

Michael B., who was the Early Transition Program coordinator last year at the high school (this was the program that let Samurai spend her senior year at the community college) was there, and afterward I told him how Samurai was doing, and that she credits her success fall semester to her "head start" on college work through ETP. He was pleased to hear that. (She had been posting before the winter break how so many of the freshmen had been freaking out about studying for finals, and she was not -- because she'd experienced college final exams already.)

And how cold was it?

The answer and other stuff )
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Good. He's a perfectly acceptable, and possibly great choice. Let's move on now and let this administration do what really needs to be done, OK? Thanks.
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More on today later (probably tomorrow, at this rate). Making dinner now.... (And Samurai, notice the shop sign almost in the middle of the top of the photo! :D I saw Herself today....)

We had about 700 people, organizer estimates. )
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I am making dinner early tonight, since Spouse has (routine) fasting bloodwork tomorrow at 8 p.m. I was rummaging around in the freezer for a starch component to the meal and just realized that I had popped into the oven

McCain Seasoned Spirals
(french fries)

Well, he is seasoned and he did spiral a lot in the course of the campaign, both in terms of the polls and in constantly changing his message ...
ar_wahan: (Obama women) this. We have won, but our work is just beginning.  (This is written by a prominent UU, but his message applies to all of us, I think.)

Religion and the Body Politic by Rev. Dr. Forrest Church )

Still, today is a brighter day!

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Samurai's dorm had a mock election yesterday. The Young Republicans who share a suite on her floor removed most of the Obama votes from the ballot box on the resident adviser's door, and stuffed it with McCain ballots. And THEN someone else stole the ballot box itself, so her floor doesn't even get credit for participating in the mock election.
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Gay Marriage Can't Hurt My Straight Marriage -- pass it on!

Copy this sentence into your livejournal if you're in a heterosexual marriage, and you don't want it "protected" by the bigots who think that gay marriage hurts it somehow.


(Interesting timing, Rantie -- I just made this icon yesterday!)


Oct. 24th, 2008 06:29 pm
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As Samurai astutely observed, notice how Africa isn't even there?


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