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Someone brought a bottle of Little Penguin Pinot Grigio. I loved it!

For an inexpensive red wine (I bought it for the meatball recipe, and since it was open, had it out with the beverages during the open house), Corbett Canyon Cabernet Sauvignon is pretty good. It was the most popular wine there!

Move the kitchen paper recycling container (which looks like -- because it is -- a small trash can with a hinged lid) out of the kitchen before the party. People think it is for used paper plates, etc. Since the "real" trash can is under the sink and people keep asking where it is, consider getting *another* small, covered, cheap container. In fact, get two, and label one "plastic ware" if I'm going to use it. (Everything I'd prepared was finger or toothpick food, but someone brought pie, so I put out forks and meant to collect them.)
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So I'm getting ready for Saturday's open house. I have a chafing dish that was Grace's, for [ profile] daily_rant 's queso, but I'm also leaning toward making some appetizer meatballs. I have a vague, vague memory that when Spouse's aunt died and his mom was clearing out her house (where the aunt had lived with her mother, so a lot of things there were Spouse's grandmother's), we were given some kind of a contraption that let you heat things over Sterno.

I just dug around in the bottom of a closet and found the brown paper grocery bag containing these things. Along with four cans of Sterno that must be very, very old, is the "Sterno Double Burner Cook Stove" and its instructions. I wonder how old this is? 1920s? 1930s? Anyway, take a look at the instructions. I think the second side of suggestions on how and where you can use this thing is priceless! (Hot milk for actors in boarding houses . . . [ profile] rowangolightly , you must get one of these! :-P

A blast from the past )
And what's a "Sad Iron"? (Maybe a soldering iron?)

I don't know if I'm actually going to use it on Saturday, and am not sure if the Sterno itself is still usable (and the cans are too big for the chafing dish, anyway). But this little gizmo would have come in handy during our power outage!  (Because  you can safely use Sterno indoors.)


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