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Even if you are expecting a reply to an urgent business email, DO NOT go upstairs to  your office to check it while browning ground beef for tacos.

True, Spouse likes his ground beef "well done," and it didn't actually burn . . . but the cats did not appreciate having the smoke detectors go off!
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We've had a neighbor cat come by several times a day for the last couple of months. There are a couple of things very weird about this. Unless you get very close to them, this visitor and Jesse are impossible to tell apart! (The irony here is that the welcome mat has the images of two black cats on it!)


1. The cat, except for a white patch just below its throat, is identical in coloring and build and size to Jesse. I've been told by the neighbor that this cat is female, and "just wants to be friendly." But there is clear hostility between this cat, as she glares into our house from the deck, and our cats.

2. After some initial nasty cat fights, the hostilities between the three cats (Stella hates this cat, too) have calmed down a bit to just low growling. But . . .

3. Lately  I've seen Jesse and this cat sitting very close together. The neighbor cat leans toward him and almost touches her nose to his. All the while, she is panting. She does the same (the panting) when she is glaring at him through the glass.

I have actually wondered, since Jesse was adopted from a shelter, if this cat and he might actually be siblings, and her attraction is because she recognizes a family "scent."

Anyone have any clues on what "panting" means to cats?

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Jesse Cat likes . . .

. . . small fragments of tortilla chips! Ole!

(One fell on the floor and he went after it, and wanted seconds and thirds . . .)
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That was from me. I came out onto the deck with my laptop and lunch, sat down and realized a decapitated red squirrel was lying at my feet.

Thanks, Jesse, but no thanks*.

At least it wasn't the decapitated head of a horse . . .

*lunch was delayed on account of carnage.
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Clever idea. But . . . "natural, free world"? (that's one one visitor said).,32068,104576135001_2000212,00.html
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Jesse-cat likes dried black currants!

(Some fell on the floor because the little bag wasn't completely closed when I took it off the shelf.  *zap!* Then he looked at me for more.)
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From time to time, I've made short posts announcing the latest food interests of Jesse-cat -- esp. when things fall on the floor and he beats me to them. They've included everything from sesame sticks to Goldfish crackers.

Well, I had some pepperoni round pieces on the counter in preparation for assembling a pizza, and STELLA just jumped up and grabbed one! I didn't think she'd like its spicy taste. But, she wants more!

Sorry, kitty, not sure that's something you should have. (Not something humans should have, either, I imagine! But it will be only a few pieces on an otherwise vegetable pizza.)
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Those are the edible little pouches into which one can sneak pills for your feline or Fido (the doggie pouches are bigger than the cat ones), and this household will be using them. A lot.

I took both cats to the vet today for checkups and shots at 4 p.m. Jesse, who is nine or ten, has a heart murmur. No more dried cat food (he eats mostly wet), because it is high in sodium. And, he needs to have a 1/4 human (regular strength) aspirin twice a week.

The vet didn't detect any such problem in Stella, but declared she should get the same aspirin therapy. In his opinion, all cats age 10 and up should, since a thickening of the heart muscle is common, and there's a danger of clotting when the blood is slowed getting into a ventricle (I think that's what he said). There aren't always symptoms, like the heart murmur, so she could have it and we'd never know until it was too late. The aspirin is to increase the time it takes pooled blood to clot.

He also said that even canned cat food is high in sodium, and we should start giving them a mix of half canned food and half cut-up chicken.

Otherwise, they're both healthy, and Stella, who has been gassy or constipated in prior exams, was in great shape in that department.

Well, they're not getting that tonight, because I'm not prepared for it. But, I do have some small chicken pieces in the freezer that I can sacrifice to the cause.

ETA: Jesse went outside after returning home, then came in and demanded dinner. Stella is too traumatized from her ordeal in the car to come out of hiding.
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I tricked her into eating her wormer tablets hidden inside the Pill Pockets! (She'd refused them last night.) I think the difference was that I cut the whole tablet into a half tablet and used a half tablet per pocket. This meant there was less tablet to taste when she bit into the moist, "kitty treat" type container. I also put the three "laced" pockets into her dish with some unlaced ones, lulling her into a false sense of security.)

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So I bought wormer pills from the vet a few weeks ago for the cats. I was dreading giving Jesse, the 15-pounder, 2 tablets, and Stella, the 9-pounder, 1 1/2 tablets. I remember one of you on my flist writing about a product that hid a tablet inside a cat treat, but I couldn't remember what it was called.

Today I went to our pet supply store and found "Pill Pockets," made by Greenies for dogs and cats I bought a feline packet. I gave each cat a pocket without a pill in it, just to lure them into a sense of "this tastes great, no funny business!" trust. Jesse loved it. Stella was OK with it.

I gave Jesse two pills, each hidden inside a pill pocket that, in turn, was rolled up inside another pill pocket (since the pill was large enough to kind of protrude outside the edge of the pocket). He snapped them right up and wanted more.

Then I tried the same with Stella. She was suspicious, and would not touch it!

Well, Jesse is the one most likely to have parasites anyway. And Stella is not as muscular or large as Jesse, so giving her pills in the usual way will probably not lead to as much blood-letting (on the part of humans) as it would have with Jesse.
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Alternate caption:

Don't even think about sitting here.

(She's in my office chair.)

Silly Cat Pic of the day... I was amused by the way Stella had put her paws together in a "hog-tied" manner. (A photo of a closeup of the paws, what I'd really been trying to get, came out all blurry.)
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One of our guests at our open house Saturday brought a little pot of flowers as a hostess gift. Today, I couldn't resist these gratuitous photos of -- you guessed it! -- our cats with the flowers. (They don't usually sit this close together.)

Detente with daffodils )

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Silly Stella photo under here... Taken yesterday. Today is much warmer. Maybe I'll actually get some planting done! (If  she'll let me.)


May. 9th, 2008 07:50 pm
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Stella is home! (Vet wanted to keep her last night, after all.)

Our new furnace is installed and mostly hooked up. We have heat downstairs, hot water coming from faucets, but no heat upstairs (a different heating zone). It's a bit chilly now upstairs, but we all have electric blankets, and the weekend will be warmer than the 40s and 50s of today. The crew will come back Monday morning to finish up.

I got my assignments done on time!!!!

I'm hungry. Off to make chicken piccata, wild rice with portabella mushrooms (OK, from a packet, I confess) and a salad, and then veg out. It's been a very tiring week.

Still no answer about Kyoto lodging. Web site shows it is "under processing." The web site said we'd have a response from its member ryokan in 3 days, and this is day three. I may contact the site if I don't hear anything tomorrow. They don't allow you to double book, so I'd have to cancel the process with this ryokan before trying to get another. But I don't want to do that if I don't have to.
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Spouse, upon returning home and hearing jazz music coming from the basement (one of his CDs on my machine), and then coming downstairs: "Wow!"

Samurai, upon returning home and poking her head downstairs at my request: "Wow! We have a floor??"

It is conquered.

Today the basement.... tomorrow the world!

And I am SO glad I am not going to choir practice (7-9 p.m.) tonight! I just took my last hot shower before the new heating system (includes hot water) is installed tomorrow. Given our last oil fill-up was $800, I am not sad to see the circa 1965 boiler go.

Now I'm off to concoct dinner (vegetarian chili and rice), and CRASH.

I have a Small Group (UU) meeting tomorrow, a TON of paid work due by end of day, and Stella to probably pick up and bring home after the meeting. So that means I need to remember to take my laptop with me in the morning, so I can get started while waiting and waiting in the waiting room of the veterinary hospital, since Dr. Katz will want to talk with me before releasing Stella. And he is always running late.


Oh wait, that's right -- can't do *thud* yet. Dinner first. :P
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We interrupt the cleaning marathon to observe that Ar_wahan's basement floor is littered with an interesting combination of spilled packing peanuts and empty acorn and hickory nut shells.

(And yes, there is dried-up mouse doo-doo in a drawer.)

The World of Petroleum Products meets the Wild Kingdom.

I'm skipping choir practice tonight. The choir director's OK with that.

Lost a little time around noon today because I realized I was about to run out of grain. The farm supply store is right up the street from the vet's, so I visited with Stella for a bit. The vet was out, but a very nice assistant told me I should call him at 5 p.m. However, I also heard her schedule an appointment at that time. Hmm.

Time to feed Jesse the Voracious One, and maybe sneak that call in a bit early.

ETA: The assistant said the vet wanted to check something first, but she may go home tonight or tomorrow! He'll call me in half an hour.
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I crashed early last night, and vet called just before 10 p.m. He told Samurai that Stella is "doing much better." Her chemical parameters are balancing out, there is nothing wrong with her kidneys, and I'm supposed to call him in the afternoon.

Now off to print out an invoice, look at Friday's assignment so I can start thinking about it, send a link to [personal profile] starseeking , and then descend into the  dark dungeon of doom basement to finish preparations for tomorrow's heating upgrade.

I have choir practice tonight for Choir Sunday May 25, but I may skip it if I'm too worn out after today's exertions.


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