May. 9th, 2012 06:40 pm
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I was driving home yesterday afternoon when the low tire pressure light came on on my dashboard. Once home, I looked at all the tires and they seemed OK -- none seemed down. I figured one of them might need a little topping up and I'd take care of it when next in town.

This morning the left rear tire was FLAT. AAA came pretty quickly and put on the "donut tire." After lunch I drove down to Amherst Tire Center ( ). They could take me right away, so I sat down and started working on my laptop (and hey, they had WiFi!).

They are in the process of remodeling their rather cramped and dreary service desk and waiting area. Chairs and desks were being moved around, and two electricians came in and started measuring the distance between two overhead light fixtures. It was rather noisy and chaotic, but I could still do my job and didn't mind.

After about 30-45 minutes, the woman at the counter told me I was "all set" -- they'd found a tiny, very sharp metal fragment of some kind in the tire and had put in a "plug patch." (I think that's what she called it.) And because I had to "wait so long" (I didn't think I had to wait long!) and it was so "disruptive," there was NO CHARGE.

I protested, telling her I felt I should pay SOMETHING, and that I'd once worked for a contractor and had found observing the goings-on rather interesting.

"Oh, so you were entertained, as well?" joked one of the electricians.

The woman insisted I not pay anything; I told her I'd give the company a shout-out on LJ.

Of course, no one here is in the Amherst area, so I'll also put it on Facebook, where I do have local friends. Amherst Tire does not have a FB page to "like," alas.


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