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I just stumbled across the entry from almost three years ago that I mentioned the other day, when I posted how I was on a new town committee. (I knew I'd taken a meme at some point in the past that had said that my aura colors showed I was a "volunteer," which I am. Perhaps too much so for my own good! A point that is made, in fact, in the results of the meme.)

I'm posting the link not so much to make you read it all again (or for the first time), but to see the meme in case you want to try it yourself. Of the various memes on auras, this has been the most accurate by far, even to the not-so-flattering bits (such as *cough* a tendency to be pedantic).

It was in my memories list, I hadn't started using tags yet.

I was actually going through my memories list to find a recipe by Rowangolightly to print out for tonight, if I have the ingredients!
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In truth, magenta was not the color I saw that night whooshing from my mom. It was the primary color, but there was some orangish-gold mixed in. So I just went back again to the site (after putting dinner in the oven) to see what orange brought up. I don't know if I was seeing two aura colors mixed together, or what. As I've said before, I know nothing about them. But the following cut-and-paste fits her, too. My mother constantly pushed her physical limitations, and seemed to scorn introspection -- discovering "the inner dimensions of the self."

Cut and paste part starts here:

Oranges are daredevils. They are individualistic, fearless, physical, cunning, conquerors, danger-lovers and thrill-seekers. They have been known to tilt at windmills.

In the Personality Spectrums system, Orange is the color for individuals who need to test their own physical limitations against the environment. Fearless, powerful, heedless of their own personal safety, they shake their fists in the face of God. The challenge for Oranges is to deal with our increasingly complex society. We are faced not so much with physical survival problems as with complicated moral and ethical questions. We are coping with the quality of life as opposed to simple survival.

An Orange prefers a challenge requiring physical courage. But our society forces us to tackle the frontier of the inner self, which requires spiritual courage. This question arises: Does an Orange have the ability to distinguish between these two kinds of courage-the courage required to face physical danger and risk as opposed to the courage required to come to terms with the inner self?

The lesson that is presented over and over again to an Orange is that there are physical limits and boundaries to human capabilities. Instead of constantly pushing to find out what those physical boundaries are, Oranges must learn to use that same energy to discover the inner dimensions of the self. The challenge for an Orange is to live long enough for age and experience to begin to allow the more obscure image of moral courage to come to the forefront of their consciousness.
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This morning I took the aura colour test I swiped from fastrr_pussycat. I was curious to see what came up when I looked at magenta, the color I saw coming off my mother when she appeared to me in spirit about 40 minutes before her body died. (I wrote about this on April 15.) I admit I have been skeptical of the whole aura color thing. I might have expected any personality test to come up with the answers it did about me, and any color could have been assigned to them. But I did not answer any questions about my mother. The first paragraph, in particular, describes her quite well (stripped away of the NPD issues, although some of traits of NPD are still there -- just not pathologically so).

And I sure didn't tell the meme that my mother used raw materials with creativity and flair to make personalized birthday cards and Christmas cards (the latter often using bits of cedar greenery cut from a neighbor's tree, tiny pine cones, glitter, glue . . .).

The results are pasted here:

Magentas are jesters. They are zany, spontaneous, offbeat, outrageous, physical, innovative, in the here-and-now, inventors, attention-seekers. Sometimes they're loners.

The key to understanding the Magenta Personality Spectrum’s color is their unwillingness to conform to the expectations and norms set by society. These individuals seek to express their individuality by using, with creativity and flair, the belongings and raw materials at their disposal. Because they look at life through a Magenta filter, they tend to be viewed as the nonconformists of the spectrum.

The single most difficult thing for a Magenta is to understand the difference between commitment and entrapment. For a Magenta to be locked into a nine-to-five job, to be married and have children, and to run a household, would be a form of insanity. They need to learn to create for themselves a lifestyle that works for them and does not impinge on the sensibilities of others. Magentas revitalize our concept of creativity by offering a new perspective, opening new vistas and exploring new points of departure.

Boy, I know my mom felt trapped as a housewife and mother.

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Your Aura Colour is Nurturing Tan.

Nurturing Tans are the pillars of their community. They are helpers, volunteers, believers in brotherhood, dedicated, tenacious, service-oriented, unselfish, self-effacing, communicative and mental. They can be pedantic.


Find out what colour your aura is.

Nurturing Tans are the pillars of their community. They are helpers, volunteers, believers in brotherhood, dedicated, tenacious, service-oriented, unselfish, self-effacing, communicative and mental.

Nurturing Tans are another of the Eclipse Colors in the Personality Spectrums system. The color closest to their body is Mental Tan. Outside the Mental Tan and completely encircling their body is a band of Blue. These two colors combine many of the characteristics of both the Mental Family of colors and the Emotional/Spiritual Family of colors. However, a Nurturing Tan has a distinctly different motivation from either of these two colors alone, with personality and character traits unique to this color.

The driving force of the Nurturing Tans, the mission that gives their lives meaning, is the concept of brotherhood. They demonstrate their commitment to this mission by rendering service to the family, the neighborhood, the city, the nation, or the world. They put the needs of others before their own, teaching humanitarianism by example.

The lesson that Nurturing Tans need to learn is to identify and serve their own personal ego needs as well and to satisfy their own longings and desires in such a way as to make existence something worth living for. Nurturing Tans need to learn that it is acceptable to give something to themselves while serving others.

Well, that last sentence certainly describes me . . . although I've been working on that.
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