Moon Rising

Jul. 8th, 2017 09:49 pm
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 There is a lovely, fat, full moon rising outside my window.  This afternoons wind off the cold ocean has been replaced with puffs of cool air coming at random moments through the window.

Gary, one of our deer hunters, called me this morning asking for a recommendation for a hike out of Echo Lakes where he could catch some fish.  After a moment's hesitation I said: go to Triangle Lake.  If it isn't still frozen it will be great fishing. This evening the report was a fabulous hike, lots of snow sliding (expected, the lake is at about 8,000 feet, and the Sierra Nevada got a LOT of snow this winter)  and lots of very delicious trout.  

Wed Donald and I left for Ukiah at about 8pm.  We were a little more than half an hour into our trip when M called and asked where Tazlina was.  Ooops. Tazlina had a vet appointment in the morning in SF for her health certificate so she can fly with us on Monday.  We turned around. Somewhere near midnight two very tired travelers arrived in Ukiah.

Thursday morning we set up a very motley assortment of fencing panels in the old corrals at the house to form makeshift feeding pens.  The old wooden corrals are falling down. Originally installed in the 1960's they have survived far past any reasonable lifetime.  Replacement is getting ever higher on the priority list!  I don't have a horse tenant renting the pasture around the house right now, so to graze down the grass and reduce fire danger the Iris Barn herd has temporarily moved in to graze things down.   The pens range from a funky 8'x8' pen perfect for the Shetland Pony to the 10'x12' one in this really bad picture.

With the pens up, tied securely in place with baling twine and scraps of electric fence tape (really tough stuff), we moved down the hill to the Arena at the Red Barn where the Cattle tenant Cody was sorting cows and calves.  Cody wanted to move the cows to a new pasture when they were done with the calves.  He had been out cutting trees off the fenceline when his chainsaw quit.  I offered to loan him mine.  Then his ATV battery died.  Maybe tomorrow.

Tuesday pulled in with her Mom, for a Day Ride.  She was happy to see me and had a bunch of questions, plus a check for next year's Day use.  Eventually we moved on   Red Barn where the Dave, Mark and Pat  (the deer hunting folks) were waiting to put up two tents.  Costco had these 10'x20' tents for sale for $230 that seemed perfect for storing my equipment out of the rain and sun.

 They did a great job getting both tents up, after which we all went to lunch at the Bottle Shop, which has great sandwiches made to order.  
At some point during the tent escapade I carved out time to meet with Carmen, a board member of the local American Quarter Horse Assn. These days the AQHA mostly does team penning (of cows), unlike when I was a kid and they mostly put on horse shows.  Carmen thought that my arena would be a great place for them to do their penning, and maybe a trial trail ride out on the rest of the Ranch.  

While we were meeting Donald reprogrammed all the automatic irrigation timers.

By the time I got back to the Red Barn it was 100F and I wasn't doing so well.  But Tom was waiting so I met with him about the shelter roof, got back into the truck and went to the store for two new ladders.  Progress has been stalled on the shelter roof for at least 6 months because no one could figure out how to put the roof on.  I had talked to the manufacturer, and then to Tom and Johnnie but something was lost in translation.  Tom and I walked up to the supplies, picked up a supporting piece and five minutes later Tom was saying DUH.   We lined up some parts, and put one more thing in place before I melted.   That site is in full sun, on rock that reflects heat back.  I bet it was more like 107F out there than the 110 claimed by the weather service.

By 8:30 Donald and I were back in foggy San Francisco where the temperature was about 60F.  Whew!


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